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EV2Go - is most convenient SAAS platform where you can register your charging station and start making income.
Our products
SAAS Solution
Ultimate tool to optimize your charging operations. With flexible tariffication, load management, and smart charging capabilities, our platform makes it easy to manage your charging stations and ensure smooth operations. With White-label mobile app, you can enhance your brand visibility and engage your customers in a more personalised way.
OCPP - gateway
Keep abreast of the eMobility ecosystem and guarantee seamless communication between an electric vehicle charging station and the OCPP protocol.
OCPI - gateway
If you are seeking to incorporate OCPI connectivity into your current application or ensure compliance and interoperability of your OCPI implementation, our state-of-the-art Roaming Module is the ideal solution for you.
EV - Bigdata
Our analytics system determines popular charging times and connector types. Based on this data, it suggests that you create a tariff rule with a multiplier. This will enable you to increase the ROI of your charging stations and make your charging business smart with big data.
Easy-to-use platform for...
Our platform is designed to provide a seamless experience for users of all levels.
0-10 Chargepoints
For new business
If you are just starting your business with EV-charging, we would be happy to help you with the first steps
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>100 Chargepoints
For expantion network
If you already have your charge points network and looking for expanding, we will offer you the best options
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For manufacturer & distributors
if you are a charge point manufacturer or distributor, we will find ways of mutually beneficial cooperation
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Toolkit for your ev-business
Revolutionize your EV business with our comprehensive toolkit - the ultimate solution to take your operations to the next level. Whether you're a charging station operator, an EV fleet manager, or a service provider, our toolkit has everything you need to simplify and optimize your business.
All core-features you need
Experience the ultimate EV charging solution with all the core features you need, right at your fingertips. With our state-of-the-art charging stations, you can deliver fast and reliable charging to your customers, while our advanced software makes it easy to manage your operations, monitor your charging stations, and optimize your revenue.
Full-stack SAAS Solution
You can use Ev2Go CSMS to connect and control all your EV infrastructure from one central system. Manage tariffs, users, tags, energy output, and so much more.
White-label mobile app
Our service and mobile app were built with white labeling in mind. We power some of the world's most innovative EV charging networks, utility programs, and e-mobility initiatives.
You can set up the most flexible billing, taking into account the time of day, the number of charged kwh and the time that the car is just parking near the chargepoint.
Interoperable OCPP
Ev2Go platform supports 30+ different OCPP chargers, as AC/DC, portable and DIY solutions. Even if your stations do not work on the OCPP protocol, we support all proprietary ones.
Network cards are most often used for fleet, workplace, or multi-family charging.
No "wallet". No monthly membership. No mobile app. You can bill users for the energy after they use it.
Ev-charging managment
Set the ocpp-endpoint of our server in the station, everything else - is magic. Monetization will start in 5 minutes. Super detailed reports and an analytical block in personal area will help you not to miss a cent.

Why now?

  • Growing market

    The best moment to enter the market is while it is forming. Nowadays many countries are just starting to use electric cars and there is not enough charging infrastructure.

  • Decarbonization

    The global decarbonization of the economy is the main driver for the development of charging infrastructure. Net Zero 2050 scenario - no vehicle with fuel-engine.

  • Additional revenue

    If you already have an existing fleet business, hotel, parking, energy infrastructure - charging stations are a great opportunity to generate additional income.

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