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When Angela Merkel visited India she learned about Emobility

2019 When Angela Merkel visited India she learned about Emobility in India is centered about light electric mobility... now her success Olaf Scholz has just visited India and again he was introduced to Light Electric Mobility in the success format electric Rikscha! At least to my knowledge in non of the German delegation trips German LEV industry experts did join... There is a huge potential of synergies in therms of joint platforms to be established which could improve the cost, safety and serviceability of LEVs. To my understanding India will be the most crucial market which may will overtake the chanced domestic market which was the last 20 years the dominant spot in the world of LEV technology manufacturing and evolution. European Standards like the EN 50604-1 on battery safety are globally leading the path where to go and thee IEC standard series IEC TS 61851-3-1/2/4/5/6/7 are completing it. Since Indian motorcycle makers are dominating the African Motorcycle market India could as well become a dorr opener in the electrification of Africa. But there at this moment of time Chinese players do dominate the market. Looking forward to my next visit to India and the implementation of EnergyBus interface technology speeding up sustainability and serviceability. Fulfilling the EU mandate requests 468 and 333.