Product features

OCPP - gateway

OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is a communication protocol used to communicate between an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and a back-end management system. An OCPP gateway is a device that acts as a bridge between the EVSE and the back-end management system, allowing for the exchange of information and commands between the two.

Partners API in the context of an OCPP gateway allows third-party developers and businesses to access the gateway's data and functionality in a standardized and secure manner. This enables partners to build innovative solutions that integrate with the OCPP gateway and extend its capabilities.

For example, an OCPP gateway might offer a Partners API that allows third-party developers to build applications that can communicate with the gateway and perform functions such as initiating charging sessions, monitoring charging status, and retrieving charging data.

The Partners API typically provides access to data such as charging station status, current power consumption, charging session data, and other device-level information. It may also provide functionality such as authentication, error handling, and rate limiting to ensure that the integration is secure and stable.

To use the Partners API, partners typically need to register with the OCPP gateway provider and obtain an API key or access token. They may also need to comply with certain guidelines to ensure that their integration meets the OCPP gateway provider's standards.

Overall, Partners API in the context of an OCPP gateway can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to extend the capabilities of their charging infrastructure. By providing a standardized interface and resources, Partners API can help partners build more innovative and customized solutions that integrate with the OCPP gateway and improve the overall EV-charging experience.